Taiwan – 6D at Taichung & Taipei 2016 Day 2 – Travel Blog

Day 1- Taichung (Feng Jia Night Market). We have to travel from Taipei to Taichung and it’s evening when we reached.

Day 2- Caihongjuan (rainbow) Village > Lu Kang > Sun Moon Lake > Cing Jing Ming Su.

Day 3 – Cingjing > Taichung Flower Market> Taipei > Raohe Night Market > Linjiang Night Market.

Day 4 – Golden Waterfall> Jiu Fen > Shi Fen > Shi Fen Waterfall > Ximengding

Day 5 & 6– (free & easy) Taipei City Hall> Zhongshan Park >Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall > Taipei 101 > Vigor Kobo

It’s funny that we have never visited rainbow village during our many visits to Taiwan. Our driver brought us there on the second day morning. Although there’s nothing much except to take photos, it was really quite fun. The place is also popular among Taiwanese or tourists to take their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. Our driver told us that this place was painted by the owner and he just kept painting and painting till it caught the eyes of the passer-by. It has since become a popular tourist attraction. Kinda interesting to see what he was drawing too!



The Owner of the Place. I heard he is already aged Ninety plus and is selling souvenirs there. He must be happy to see so many visitors admiring his drawing 😛




Our 天生一对 (meant to be together) photo XD




Nearby rainbow village is LuKang,(鹿港) a little town in Taichung. They seem to have a lot of dried seafood snacks at really cheap prices. The portion given was also bigger than those you could get at night market. Our driver brought us to eat the Taiwan Mee Sua which he claimed is better than Ah Zhong Mee Sua. LOL. The Mee Sua tasted quite Singapore style instead of the typical Taiwan Mee Sua that we are familiar with and it’s only $1+ per bowl.

王罔面线糊 (505台湾彰化縣鹿港鎮民族路268號

After our small meal, we toured around Lu Kang and bought some dried seafood snacks. I will definitely drop by this unique place next time I’m in Taichung.





Very flavourful snacks and I really like it!

There is a short road whereby stall vendors are selling street snacks. I think it should be a. common touristy place as well although it was not very crowded when we went there on weekdays.




Some oyster pancake. didn’t tried it though cos it look oily 😛

For lunch, our driver brought us to Su Ma Ma Tang Yuan to eat the Ru Rou Fan. At first, I was feeling full but after i tasted their Ru Rou Fan, i finished the whole bowl of rice by myself. I also asked for second serving for their Tang Yuan. It is super x 1000 nice!!! The best Ru Rou Fan and Tang Yuan in Taiwan!!! no Kidding! A MUST go for everyone!


台中市西區模範街12巷12號 Taichung


We went to Sun Moon Lake next, another touristy attraction but we didn’t take the cruise trip there because we had taken before. My colleague however told me that she took the cruise and there was some street stalls at the other side and there was a unique stall selling charcoal Mochi. Hmmm. Maybe I will take it when I’m there another time.


Our driver brought us a little further to see peacocks; near Sun Moon Lake. Can see his majestic butt in the photo =_=

It was around evening and we were been driven to our hotel (清境觀湖四季景觀山莊before heading out for dinner. It’s has a beautiful beautiful view from the balcony- although it was foggy in the evening.


And the view from balcony the next day morning. Pictures below! Enjoy!


This place can get freezing cold at night and I will definitely suggest to anyone going to stay a night there to bring enough warm clothing and some cup noodles.

We headed to the restaurant nearby (10mins drive) for dinner before going to bed. We were surprised that they are selling bamboo shoot in huge chunk cause they are quite expensive  in Singapore. The waitress told us that they plant their own bamboo. So cool!

That’s all for my Day 2! Stay Tune for my Day 3 in Taiwan!