About Isabella

Hi I’m Isabella. It’s really nice to meet you and welcome to my blog 🙂

I started blogging since 2014 as I wanted to keep tracks of my thoughts and my travels with my loves ones. I also wanted to help others in whatever they are googling which lead them to my blog and hope my experience will be beneficial to others or to you 🙂

I was born and is currently living in Singapore, a sunny little island on the globe. I love travelling as you can see in most of my blog posts and that’s where most of my saving goes :P. I hope that travelling will be an yearly event for me as I feel happy whenever I’m travelling.

I am always working to be a better person with the help of Jesus. I do have flaws and I felt that that’s the beauty of the relationship with God because my God did not reject me even though I was not perfect. I claimed Jesus as my lord and saviour as he’s really is. I was a convert and have personally experience the grace of God which later, convinced myself that this relationship with God is right.

Other things about myself is that I love to dream, to read and also enjoy finding a good bargain 😀

I hoped you have enjoyed my blog posts and do leave your blog address in this blog comments so that I can follow you. Alternatively you can also email me at simplyisabella@hotmail.com. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “About Isabella

  1. Hi Isabella! My name is Roy Macaraig and I write for Smile Magazine, the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific Airlines based in the Philippines. Every month, I am responsible for finding contributors who can say a few things about our destinations. I wanted to check if you would be interested to provide some information for MACAU. The info you have on this blog post is more than enough and I am sure that answering our short survey will be a breeze. If you are interested, please write me back and we can coordinate via email. Thanks in advance and more success to your blog. 🙂

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